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Balinese compound houses

Balinese compound houses

A compound is all of the are where the whole famly live.the size and condition of a compound may difrent but lay out is nearly alwasys same.There is only one entrance to a compound .there is a nick in each side of the entrance to put the offering for the god.Behind the entrance is a screen wall to avoid visual contac between the member of the family against unexpected people outside and accordingto the popular belief has a fuction to discourage the evil spirit entering the compound.Acourding to the belief in Bali,we theat everything as like human being 
Regading to that belief before we build any houses we must divide our land into tree parts to represent our head,body,and leg.
*The first part: Represent our head where we build the famly templeas holy place where the members of the  family worship the god and there ancestor.
*The second part: represent our body where we build house .we divide it into 4 derection and build diffrent building in diffrent purpose : 
  -In the nothem part is called Gedong has function to keep the family  properties and new couple.
 - The eastern is hall is a pavilion as ceremonial hall  where we organized our ceremonial event
  - the sourthern part is a kichen where the famly cook.
 - the westhern part is a building for sleeping where the members of the family sleep.
- in the right hand side of the kitchen is the granary to keep rice as most of the village are farmer.
* and the third part is the back  yard represent our leg where the family throw away the rubbish and have the pig stay and so on.

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