Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance

Kecak and fire Dance

Kecak dance  is usualy refrred to as a "smack" or dance of fire (fire dance) this dance show or entertaiment mass and tanded as the art of ballet and dance drama because it completly describes the role of art from the play puppet as Rama and Sinta and not specificaly used in Hindu religon ritual like worship, temple ceremony and other ceremonies.

The form the form of "sacred" in the kecak dance is usually shown in terms kerahuhan or mesolah is magically immune to fire so it does not burn. 


Un like otherBalinese dance  using the gamelan as musical accompaniment  but the kecak dance perfomentce is only combines the art of sound .the sound of the mouth or crie- cries like "cak cak cak to the " so colled Kecak dance

Kecak dance can be found several places inBali. But that Uluwatu is the most interresting to watch because of its attraction along with the sunset.

Kecak was created in the 1930 s by the wayan modulus work with german painter  Walter spieces  sanghyang tradision  and part of the ramayana story. Wayan modulus popularizing this dance  while treveling  the world  with his troupe of  Balinese dancer.

In addition to the story of ramayana there are some titles and themes Kecak is often stages as:

1.Subali and sugriwa kecak,created in 1976

2.Kecak dewa ruci was created in 1982

Both were the work of mr.i wayan Dibia.

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