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Long time ago, there was a mighty and unmatched king in Bali. This king named Mayadanawa a king in bali the generation from Daitya (giant) son of a Goddess Danu Batur. This king is famous for his extraordinary powers, he is able to transform himself into any form he wants to be like goats, chickens, trees, stones and others.
With his supernatural powers, he was able to conquer areas such as the makasar, sumbawa, bugis, lombok and blambangan regions. Because of the supernatural power and the throne he got, Mayadanawa became very arrogant and arrogant. In fact he forbade the inhabitants of Bali to worship God with all his manifestations, because he felt that nothing was strongest than himself and he told the people to worship him alone.
After the act was known by the Gods, the gods headed by Bhatara (god) Indra attacked Mayadenawa. Finally, Mayadenawa can be defeated and escaped to the north side of Tampak Siring Village.
As a result his magic Mayadenawa created a spring Cetik (poison) which resulted in the many troops Bhatara Indra who sick ill due to drinking the water. Seeing this Bhatara Indra immediately stuck his spear and emit water out of the ground (Tirta Empul) and this Holy water is used to sprink the troops Bhatara Indra so that not some time to heal again as usual.
The pursuit of Mayadanawa continued. Knowing that, Mayadanawa had wanted to hide by transforming himself into various forms but Bhatara Indra still find out. In the end, Mayadanawa transformed itself into Batu Paras, known by Indra Bhatara then dipanah stone paras and in the end King Mayadanawa met his end.

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